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Calling Lake School host 3rd Annual Science Fair

Calling Lake School was overrun with young scientists who eagerly spent the day showcasing their projects, presentations, and demonstrations for the school community to enjoy. The school hosted its 3rd Annual Science Fair on June 14, 2018. 

Why is it important for students to participate in science fairs? Besides being heaps of fun, there is loads of learning taking place. A student chooses a scientific question he or she would like to answer. Then, through the library and or the Internet, the student gets to research the question plus gain some background information he or she needs in order to formulate a hypothesis and design an experiment.

After writing a report to summarize this research, the student performs the experiment, draws his or her conclusions, and presents the results to teachers and classmates using a display board during the school science fair. The students get to share additional skills like speaking, answering questions, presenting plus their artistic flair as featured on their display board! Impressive, right? 

Thanks to all participants who contributed to this year's science fair event. Some created their projects in class while others constructed them at home with family support. Thank you, parents and teachers, for your encouragement, help, and guidance in bringing it all together. It was a fun-filled afternoon of amazing scientific discovery from creating rainbow paper to lava lamps to witnessing eruptions from not one but two volcanoes, learning about the benefits of sleep along with challenging states of matter- was that a liquid or a solid that we touched this afternoon while at the Oobleck station? 

Congratulations to all for an innovative afternoon of science exploration! 

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